A community and economic development planning and implementation initiative for our REGION


Coordination and leveraging of existing and new efforts to achieve common regional goals.


county map
  • Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley
  • Holistic approach
  • Led by business leaders, community stakeholders and government officials


Talent Attraction Chart

Through a collaborative and integrated process, recruit and retain talent throughout the region to support industry demands and strengthen our economic diversity and sustainability.

Quality of Place Chart

Provide quality of place environments and amenities that enhance community, appeal to and attract professionals across all economic sectors, and enhance tourism.

Built Environment Chart

To identify opportunities that enhance and maintain the built environment to provide appropriate infrastructure, and foster economic development and livable communities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Purpose Chart

Enrich the region through leading edge programming and ecosystem development to increase entrepreneurial endeavors and create a culture of innovation.

Advocacy Chart

To build a connected network of leaders across multiple constituency groups and strategic categories to ensure that the region is advocating and advancing targeted strategies.