Built Environment Chart

Built Environment Purpose

To identify opportunities and strategies to enhance and maintain the built environment to provide appropriate infrastructure, optimize land use, create suitable housing, and foster an integrated transportation system to support economic development and livable communities.

Definitions to Know

Appropriate Infrastructure:
Plan for and build infrastructure (i.e. utilities, communications, fiber,community facilities/services, etc.) to maximize future development opportunities in a contiguous and sustainable manner.

Land Use:
Protect land needed for critical agriculture and military use and optimize land use in a sustainable and responsible manner. (i.e. planning for park and recreational opportunities, clustering appropriate land uses, creating opportunities for mixed-use development, ensuring  industrial land is not consumed by unintended uses, etc.)

Integrated Transportation System:
Create a transportation system that accommodates all users and modes in a safe and efficient network.

Modes of Transportation:
Walk/Run, Bike, Scooters, Skateboards, Hover Boards, Boat, Air, Vehicle, etc.

Suitable Housing:
Create living opportunities that appeal to people of differing ages, incomes, and occupations in rural, suburban, and urban environments.