Details & Documents

Details & Documents

Details & Documents

Details & Documents

What is Region Reimagined?

The ultimate goal is the creation of good jobs that build local wealth, create opportunities for all residents, reduce poverty and income inequality, improve quality of life, and provide economic stability for generations to come.

The Region Reimagined Plan is a Tri-County community and economic development planning and implementation effort to build a sustainable path to regional growth and prosperity. Community stakeholders from Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley counties (located in the Flint Hills of NE Kansas) are working together to implement strategies focused on Economic Diversification, Talent Attraction & Retention, Quality of Place, Built Environment, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  The Region Reimagined Initiative is focused on working towards common goals, resolving mutual challenges, and taking advantage of aligned opportunities to overcome barriers and leverage resources throughout the region.

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Laying the Foundation

The Plan derived from a group of proactive private, public and non-profit leaders (privately funded) that wanted to ensure the region's prosperity and in 2017 hired Market Street Services to research and go through a planning process, called the Greater Manhattan Project.  Market Street developed four key documents that serve as a foundation of the plan and was adopted by an Advisory Board in January 2018.  The plan serves as a living document that continues to evolve and be fine-tuned as progress is being made.  In the summer of 2018, the Greater Manhattan Project was re-branded to Region Reimagined.  A Program Director was hired September 24, 2018 to coordinate the Plan's implementation.

The Launch & Implementation

January 18-19, 2019 marked the official launch of the Region Reimagined Initiative at the 2019 Leaders Retreat.  More than 225 leaders from throughout the Tri-County area participated in a series of breakout sessions focused on Region Reimagined Focus Areas including, Talent Attraction & Retention, Quality of Place, Built Environment and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  The input collected at the Leaders Retreat and through Work Group discussion, both enhanced the plan through fine-tuning of action items and validated the strategies and tactics as outlined by Market Street Services.   The Plan serves as a living document that will continue to evolve as tactics and action items are vetted further and throughout the implementation process.

More than 200 volunteers from throughout Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley counties have been working hard to move strategies into action, laying the groundwork, and making lots of progress towards Targeted Economic Diversification, Talent Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Dynamism.  The Advisory Board adopted a Steering Committee Charter, a membership list, and updates to the plan.  The Advisory Board was also provided an overview of plan progress, new social media platforms, a dashboard and website revamp.  Some of the more recent highlights include the creation of a Regional Healthcare Consortium, providing technical assistance for businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the creation of the MHK Talent Consortium and launch of a pilot micro-internship program, first Restaurant Reimagined training and event to improve first impressions, the KEEP Transitioning Soldier community and employer tour, and so much more!  See the Latest Highlight Report for details.


  • External Awareness
  • Business Retention & Expansion
  • Growth of Supportive Infrastructure
  • Enhance Capacity of Pre-K to 20 Educational Institutions
  • Retention of Graduates to Region
  • Integrate Soldiers into Community
  • Increase Medical Education Capacity
  • Improve Attraction of Talent to Region
  • Suitable Housing
  • Quality of Place
  • Grow and Diversify the Innovation Ecosystem
  • Enhance Support for Entrepreneurs of All Ages



Through a collaborative and integrated process, recruit and retain talent throughout the region to support industry demands and strengthen our economic diversity and sustainability.

Provide quality of place environments and amenities that enhance community, appeal to and attract professionals across all economic sectors, and enhance tourism.

To identify opportunities that enhance and maintain the built environment to provide appropriate infrastructure, and foster economic development and livable communities.

Enrich the region through leading edge programming and ecosystem development to increase entrepreneurial endeavors and create a culture of innovation.