New opportunity for college students to take part in short-term, professional, paid work experiences in the Manhattan area.  Through micro-internships, you can demonstrate your skills, explore career paths and develop your professional networks.  Unlike a traditional internship, these opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and they are all paid!


Not only do these projects help local businesses, they allow you to apply your knowledge and network with alumni and professionals.  In addition, by engaging with these companies early, you can enhance your experience for future internship and career options.  Micro-internships can include projects across all departments.

 How do I apply?

  1. Create a "career launcher" account. - Be ready to upload resume
  2. Review the available micro-internship - Search by Kansas
  3. Click on "apply for this project."
  4. Answer application questions
  5. Submit your application!

To learn more and apply to projects offered during February and March 2020, visit the MHK Micro-Internship site TODAY to create a profile and get started.


Do you want to easily connect with college student talent in the Manhattan area?  Are you interested in innovative ways to retain post-secondary graduates in the region and state?


If so, we have a special workforce development pilot project happening now.  In response to continued interest in recruiting and retaining local college-educated talent, representatives from six of the area's post secondary institutions have created the MHK Talent Consortium.


We are launching our first consortium initiative, Micro Intern MHK.  Using "micro-internships," we are connecting business needs with talent prospects.  Our customized online platform will help employers conveniently recruit our students for your identified projects.  In turn, employers are positioned to retain and hire our students for other internship, apprenticeship and employment opportunities.


So what are micro-internships?

  • Designed as short-term, freelance-like projects that have low-risks tasks.
  • Explained in less than 5 minutes and require limited on-boarding
  • Completed by a college student or graduate typically withing 5-40 hours.
  • Hosted on-site with minimal supervision or performed remotely.
  • Offered with fixed compensation set by the employer - most projects cost $200-$600.


Our consortium identified a select group of employers spanning from Wamego to Junction City for potential participation in a Spring 2020 pilot of Micro Intern MHK.

This pilot has launched and will be assessed prior to accepting additional projects.

In the meantime, feel free to

Piloted by:

  • Barton Community College
  • Cloud County Community College
  • Highland Community College
  • Kansas State University
  • Manhattan Area Technical College
  • Manhattan Christian College