Thank you Theresa Bramlage (Tri-Chair of Quality of Place) and Bob Copple (Tri-Chair of Talent) for taking the initiative to pull our regional healthcare providers together to engage in meaningful conversation!  The purpose of the Regional Healthcare Consortium is two-fold: 1) Host topic-specific forums throughout the year in each county and pulling in the appropriate groups.  Some forums may be appropriate for the public, while others may be focused on a specific issue appropriate for healthcare providers.  2. Identify existing initiatives throughout the region and identify gaps that we could collectively work towards, not duplicating any existing efforts.  The focus to-date have been centered around the following three areas of discussion.

  1. Reviewed Healthcare Input Collected from the 2019 Leaders Retreat
  2. Identified Mental Health as Topic for 1st Healthcare Forum
  3. Data Review & Information Sharing
    • Overall Health Indicator Data Review
    • Mental Health Statistics for Kansas & Impacts
    • Existing Assets & Niche Opportunities
    • Prior and Existing Mental Health Initiatives
    • Education Institution Efforts
    • Demands for Space, Resources & Advocacy
    • Regulatory Challenges